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Italian Tax Code (Codice fiscale)

The Italian tax code is like a social security number in other countries and it’s necessary even though you are not be subject to Italian taxes, but you deal with and compulsory to purchase a property in Italy.
The tax identification number provides a means of identification of foreign and Italian citizens in their relations with public authorities and other administrations. For individuals, it is determined on the basis of personal data and is made up of an expression of 16 alphanumeric characters.
This Italian Tax Code is formed by some letters of the name of the person and all his/her data (date and place of birth).
In detail:

  • Surname (three letters)
  • Name (three letters)
  • Date of birth and gender (five alphanumeric characters)
  • Common (or State) of birth (four alphanumeric characters)
  • Check character (one letter)

Obtaining the Italian tax code does not mean that you become automatically an “Italian Tax Payer” but, as said, it is necessary to be able to draft any kind of contract, to attend courses and much more.

An Italian tax code is similar to a National Insurance number in the UK or Social Security number in the USA. It uniquely identifies individuals for Italian tax and administrative purposes.
Having a codice fiscale is a mandatory requirement for a wide range of activities in Italy. These include signing a property purchase, tenancy contract or inheriting Italian assets.
In addition, you will need a codice fiscale in order to open a bank account or apply for a mortgage. Obtaining utilities, insurance policies and of course, filing tax returns and payment also require your codice fiscale.

Do not worry, we will apply for you, and to do this we need:

  • a valid passport with visa (if required), or any other document accepted by the Italian authorities
  • your complete residence address
  • an Italian address (the address of the house you are going to purchase)

You can find the Form (in English) necessary to obtain it here:
We will fill out for you, you just need to sign and authorize us to request the issue of the Tax code to the Income Revenue Authority.

In case you made it already in the past or you are not sure the Tax code is already issued you ca check here:
P.S.: Our agency include this service in our fee

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