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Italian Tax Code - Codice Fiscale

The Italian tax code is like a social security number in other countries and it’s necessary even though you are not..

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Power of Attorney in Italy (Procura)

When you buy a property in Italy you could need to use a “Procura” (Power of Attorney, or simple called PoA)...

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House Buying Process in Italy

Fortunately, most expats can buy real estate in Italy with no restrictions. UK, USA, Canadian, EU nationals can buy...

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Holiday Home or Permanent Residence?

After took the decision to buy a property in Italy, one thing to consider is will the property be a holiday home or a ...

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APE (Energy Performance Certificate)

The energy performance certificate (APE) is a document that contains the energy characteristics of a property and ...

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An Extensive Guide for Utilities in Italy

Once you have bought your property in Italy you will need to connect/reconnect or change name for the utilties. Usually ...

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We first encountered Exclusive Property on one of our many internet searches looking for property in the Molise region and had been looking for a suitable property for around two years at this point. We encountered the website and Were impressed with the range of properties, locations and quality of descriptions. Each property had a golf range of photographs and a lengthy description enabling us to get a feel for the property we were interested in. We emailed the agency and were surprised at the speed of response to our request for further information on several properties.

Paul & Louise My new home in Bagnoli del Trigno - Molise

When we arrived in the charming mountain town of Castelbottaccio, we felt like we had stepped back in time. And the atmosphere was warmed even more by the community and hospitable people. Agent Romina was very helpful throughout the entire process of buying the house. Even now, after its purchase, the agency helps us with related questions, and always responds promptly. We are very grateful to them for their help. And we still can't believe we're going to live in this amazing town in Italy!

Aurimas Brazdauskas Our stone house with unique characteristics in Molise ❤

So every boat needs a good and experienced captain to guide you through the next bend in the river. With Romina Bergamo of the Exclusive Property I immediatly had the sensation everything would turnout right. I felt very lucky with this. Today i am the proud owner of my dreamhouse in Italy. The captain onboard Exclusive Property delivered me on this daring journey to my frontdoor.

José from Belgium My new home in Molise

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