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Italian Tax Code - Codice Fiscale

The Italian tax code is like a social security number in other countries and it’s necessary even though you are not..

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Power of Attorney in Italy (Procura)

When you buy a property in Italy you could need to use a “Procura” (Power of Attorney, or simple called PoA)...

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House Buying Process in Italy

Fortunately, most expats can buy real estate in Italy with no restrictions. UK, USA, Canadian, EU nationals can buy...

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Holiday Home or Permanent Residence?

After took the decision to buy a property in Italy, one thing to consider is will the property be a holiday home or a ...

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APE (Energy Performance Certificate)

The energy performance certificate (APE) is a document that contains the energy characteristics of a property and ...

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An Extensive Guide for Utilities in Italy

Once you have bought your property in Italy you will need to connect/reconnect or change name for the utilties. Usually ...

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Romina and Mila have helped me to sell my original property in Italy and purchase a larger one, which has been complicated at times, but throughout the process I have always found them to be supportive, professional and quick to respond to any queries, aswell as keeping me informed throughout of the progress.

Lindsay Hartley Russell My new home in Molise - Italy

Having decided that Italy was for me, I searched through numerous websites and narrowed down the areas I was interested in. I wanted a reasonable restoration project to get my teeth into. I researched the process and knew I would need a recognised estate agency that could manage the process from start to finish. I contacted Exclusive Property as they seemed to have numerous properties in the areas I was interested in. An early response was received from Romina, she communicated in a friendly and informative manner and I felt from the outset that she had my best interests at heart.

Drew White My dream that turns into reality, buying a house in Italy

We are so excited to call Celenza Sul Trigno home, and feel that it would not have been possible if it hadn’t been for Mila and Romina. They really took the time to understand our needs and priorities with a house and town, and always gave an honest opinion. There are some beautiful houses in all of Italy, especially in Abruzzo and Molise,but Celenza has the amenities that a lot of other towns do not. The only way to ensure that Celenza Sul Trigno does not lose the amenities is to have more families keep the town alive.

Reagan Joseph & Katherine Celenza Sul Trigno - Theperfect Italiantownfor a family

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