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Italian Tax Code - Codice Fiscale

The Italian tax code is like a social security number in other countries and it’s necessary even though you are not..

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Power of Attorney in Italy (Procura)

When you buy a property in Italy you could need to use a “Procura” (Power of Attorney, or simple called PoA)...

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House Buying Process in Italy

Fortunately, most expats can buy real estate in Italy with no restrictions. UK, USA, Canadian, EU nationals can buy...

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Holiday Home or Permanent Residence?

After took the decision to buy a property in Italy, one thing to consider is will the property be a holiday home or a ...

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APE (Energy Performance Certificate)

The energy performance certificate (APE) is a document that contains the energy characteristics of a property and ...

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An Extensive Guide for Utilities in Italy

Once you have bought your property in Italy you will need to connect/reconnect or change name for the utilties. Usually ...

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The villagers received me well. I will be continuously indebted for their welcome and support. Romina was instrumental connecting my house to utilities and negotiating contracts on my behalf. Having this extra support from the agency was essential and I’m grateful for this touch. I have not met Romina in person until the last visit in April 2023. It was purely a coincidence as she was in Civitacampomarano to show properties. We have finally met after almost two years. I strongly recommend Exclusive Property in Vasto to anyone who wants to invest in preserving small Italy of Molise and Abruzzo.

Victoria Muzychuk (Regina, Canada) My new home in Molise - Civitacampomarano

We started our search for a home in Italy online and came across many websites with listings but Exclusive Property had the best options for what we were looking for. What really stood out was the communication provided by the team - they were quick, informative and thankfully spoke English well (a huge plus for us!). Romina was incredibly helpful through email and was so patient with us as we narrowed down our options. She really made us feel confident about the decisions we were making and the listings we chose to see.

Cassie, Alex and Emmy Our home in Italy in Castiglione Messer Marino

The memories of the warm Italian people and the beautiful countryside made us decide to purchase through Exclusive Property in Italy, and Romina assisted us to do it all remotely, explaining patiently all the way through, getting the right people and dealing with our nervousness. She was very professional and we now have a lovely little house in Carunchio we are delighted with at a steal of price. Very recommended!

Steve and Rosie Our home in Italy in Carunchio

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